Lavenham, Suffolk. (3) Location map
  The 15th Century Great House and the Medieval (14th Century) Little Hall, Lavenham, Suffolk,   On the edge of the Market Square, in Barn Street, is Little Hall; a late 14th Century Medieval Hall House first built as a family home and workplace. It was enlarged and improved around 1450, modernised around 1550 then further extended around 1700.

It is now open to the public and the entrance fee is actually good value.



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  View of timber-framed houses in Water Street, Lavenham, Suffolk,   More splendid half timbered houses in Water Street.

Note the jettied house on the left and the somewhat wonky first-floor beam, and the roof, on the house beyond the yellow house.




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  Historic half-timbered buildings, including The Crooked House, High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, England   Some more historic buildings in the High Street including the Crooked House which is the tall narrow building in the centre.

I don't know why this particular building should be so named as most of the timber framed buildings in Lavenham seem to be crooked in one way or another.



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  View of a timber-framed house in High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk,   High Street, Lavenham.

Did somebody say crooked?

The appearance of this house on the corner of High Street and Market Lane has nothing to do with camera angles. It really does lean out like that.



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