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Alex Botheras | email
A lovely, lovely website, just the types of places that we like to visit. Particularly interested in the Essex and Suffolk entries. Brilliant.
21 August 2002 - United Kingdom

Phil Boehmer | email
It has always been a dream for me to someday visit England. The beautiful countryside, the architecture, the people, all are very intruiging to me. I very much enjoyed viewing your web page to see actual places up close. Television, so far, has been my only means of "seeing" England. I found your page on a search engine and again, enjoyed it very much.

Thank You!


Phil Boehmer
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
United States of America
12 August 2002 - USA

Ken Martin | email
I came across your delightfull site during a search for
others with experience of using the Olympus E10. I have
included it on my Favorites listing so that I can return
because your photographs would appear to reflect my own.

Please keep up the good work and hope to see Lancashire
included soon.

Ken Martin.
9 January 2002 - United Kingdom

Paul Morgan | email |
Great wysiwyg ! guide to U.K. I look foward to future updates !
2 December 2001 - United Kingdom

Hud | email
Lovely website! Found you searching for Cuckmere Haven (researching memories from childhood). No mention of Eilean Shona next to Castle Tioram though! I spent a wild New Year's eve there nearly three years ago (only four of us on the whole Island!)

28 September 2001 - United Kingdom

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