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David Beckham
This is a cool website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!110%!!!!
13 October 2005 - ?

Great site. Looked at Plas Mawr in Conwy, Wales and it is a great looking house. A house in Guernsey, Channel Islands called Hauteville House is open to the public and used to house Victor Hugo (Les Miserables was written here). Now that's an amazing house and it should feature on your wondeful site!!!
11 October 2005 - Guernsey

Sue Vahaly | email
What a lovely thing to do. Happened on your site while planning for a trip to the Cotswolds. Thank you.
11 October 2005 - Louisville, KY USA

Ken Gillam | email
What an excellent website,obviously a labour of love. Thanks. A pleasant reminder of places that I have seen and some that I haven't, certainly whetted my appetite. inspiration for my painting
9 September 2005 - Hampshire

Cathy Koetsier | email
I have just spent a bit of time going through your photos of Winchester - it was lovely, and interesting. Thank you for telling me things about my city that I did not know. I am a fairly new resident here, having come over from South Africa 6 months previously.
7 August 2005 - Owslebury, just outside Winchester, UK

brian franks | email
very good site was shocked to see my house on it, railway street bridgnorth shropshire, now got it as a screen saver,hope you dont mind. thanks
14 July 2005 - shropshire

Martin | email
What a great site.. very informative, great pictures. I am especially interested in the middle age history of England, and will plan my trip after that. See you soon
21 June 2005 - Denmark

Shirley Ruggles-Sullivan | email
Just returned from a tour of England, Scotland and Wales. It is all so lovely. Visited Spains Hall Castle in Finchingfield, east of London. Sir John Ruggles-Brise is 97 today.
13 June 2005 - Nova Scotia Canada

Peter Sanlon | email
Been looking for something to do tomorrow- after browsing your excellent site I have plenty of ideas that involve walking rather than TV! Thanks for the work u have done; much appreciated
10 June 2005 - London

What a wonderful site. I am tempted to visit all of the places you have mentioned. You should write a book !
25 May 2005 - England

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