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Ian and Joan Jarrett | email
Hi Barry,
This is a great website! We're both natives of Winchester and we really enjoyed seeing your wonderful pictures of the town. Thanks for bringing a little piece of England back into our lives!
21 March 2006 - California

Ernest Wilkinson | email
Hi Barry. What a wondreful site and GREAT photos. I have lived in Japan for the past 30 years although I was born and brought up in London. I spent a few years in Somerset during the war as an evacuee and your site and photos brought back happy memories. I consider the West Country and Somerset in particular to be the most beautiful area in the world and I have been to quite a few places ! Your site has given me inspiration for places to visit when my wife and I retire later this year. Thanks again
16 March 2006 - Yokohama,Japan

Great pictures! I was just on Exmoor and Dunkery Beacon in the snow! Wonderful!
14 March 2006 - Canada

Ann Teutscher | email
What a fantastic site! We're holidaying in Suffolk soon. I feel your pictures and descriptions have whetted the appetite beautifully. I'm really quite excited after seeing these lovely towns and villages.
12 February 2006 - England

Rudy | email
As a fanatic of medieval subjects, this site is the BEST photographic "journal" of medieval buildings and structures that I have seen on the Internet! I view these images while listening to medieval and Shakespearean music, and find myself going back in time to those days. These photographs are nice size, and very detailed and clear. The information for each structure and town is perfect for those who wish to visit, and can obtain the necessary details beforehand. I will never tire of looking at these images. Until I can make the trip to England, this site comforts my heart, and mentally takes me to this beautiful country.
5 February 2006 - Houston, Texas USA

Freydis Simpson Hudson(NeeCooper) | email
I was brought up in Maldon & went to nurse @ Black Notley Hospital @ 21.
Then lived & worked in the US for 6 yrs I now live in Yorkshire...
But of late am really missing Essex especially the bleak wild marshy areas...
I was fortunate a few yrs ago to stay with a wonderful friend who lived in Tollesbury nr the mud flats!
Sadly most of my fathers family have gone but I do have a cousin who we are visiting soon who lives nr Manningtree..
My father gave me the book about the marshland & smugglers etc.,
I also have happy memories of Mersea Island and Sunday school trips there..
Funnily enough have visited London more since I have lived in the North than when only 48 mls away...
Thanks so much for your most interesting site Have sent to friends world wide....
16 November 2005 - Nr York UK

I just spent several hours looking at this wonderful website with practical information and these beautiful pictures and it has helped me quite a bit to plan my excursion to Great Britain. Thank you so much for sharing your journeys.
27 October 2005 - Currently in France but From USA

mike hunt
yeah i agree
18 October 2005 - baghdad

Adam Rolston | email
GREAT WEBSITE----100%,,GREAT,, :o) ,,ALL A's,,A+,,A+A+A
17 October 2005 - West Of IRELAND

angela | email
Just looked at pictures of Bocking Mill and got drawn into the rest of this very enjoyable site. I'm thinking of having a holiday at Tolleshunt Knights. Can you recommend a good B&B?
14 October 2005 - peldon

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