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David Withers
I can't add much to what has already been said. This is the sort of thing that we need more of on the web. The photographs are superb and many of them were a reminder of some lovely places I've visited but never photographed.
24 May 2005 - Cambridgeshire, England

Lyne | email
What a wonderful site! Makes me daydream of the day when I'll finally be able to return to the beloved UK.
29 April 2005 - Montreal, Canada

Geetali | email
I chanced upon your site while researching a forthcoming journey. Well-laid out. Uncomplicated and yet with very useful details!
My favourite section: the ones related to train journeys!
I'll be recommending this site to others.
1 April 2005 - Bombay, India.

Maureen Stewart
Thank you for so much wonderful information and pictures. A UK friend of my sister in Australia, put us on to your site and the Essex info available, when they had discussion on some of our ancestors coming from Essex, Castle Heddingham.
18 January 2005 - New Zealand

Andy Smith | email |
Nice site, especially the Shropshire bits!
4 December 2004 - Shropshire

Madian | email |
One of the best informational sites. A truest guide to the UK. Also very inspirational for those that want to be efficient without losing style. Thank you so much for work like yours!!
22 July 2004 - SPAIN

adele | email
WOnderful photographs of the lovely Peak District.. I was touring around there in April 2004. wonderful scenery.. thank you for reminding me of my holiday...I was visiting areas where some of Carterton NZ First Settlers came from... Monyash. Youlgrave.. and visited Burbage.
30 June 2004 - new zealand

Mark V. Purcell | email
Thank you for your information on Porlock/Porlock Weir-specifially Culbone and its remote church. I've been looking for specific directions to access the path to the church. We are going to Somerset in July and want to see this area. Keep up the good work.
27 June 2004 - Middletown, Connecticut USA

Kim Berges | email |
What a wonderful site! My husband and I are planning a trip to the UK and have found your site to be a very useful tool! Well done.

Kim Berges
21 June 2004 - Canada

Kay Butler
This is the best site I have ever seen and so easy to use. The pictures are wonderful. WELL DONE
21 April 2004 - Thundersley, Essex UK

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