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A really useful site as i am trying to do some church photography and the extreme ends, largest/smallest etc information is really useful.
25 September 2011 - Lancaster England

Suze | email
As always, I NEVER get bored of this site - I like waiting a while until there are lots of updates to pore through, but as always every picture/story/description is fantastic! I only hope that when I retire (which who knows when that will be with current government we have) that I will be as active as you are. Thank you very much BTDT - You are fab!
12 September 2011 - Aldershot, Hampshire

Geoff Lawrence | email
I see in your list of old churches it states that Durham Cathedral is the oldest being started in 1093. Whereas Winchester was completed in 1093. Which is correct?
12 July 2011 - Berkshire
Webmaster comments   The age comparisons are between the buildings as they are in their current form.

Durham Cathedral was built in its current form in one go whereas when Winchester was first completed it was considerably smaller than it is now. It took a few more centuries to reach its current form and so was 'finished' long after Durham.

Rowena Ritchie | email
Thanks for the site, it's given me some great ideas for places to visit. Cheers
14 February 2011 - London (East)

Alan Masson | email
I was born in Kingston upon Thames and as a kid toured the south counties on my bike. I now live in USA. Oh how I miss beautiful little England. With your photos I can go there anytime. Thanks, Wonderful picts.
10 November 2010 - American Fork, Utah, USA

Suze | email
Am absolutely loving this website - The pictures are amazing and the write-ups are brilliant and descriptive. So many things to see and do in our great country - time to start planning stuff for my week off in November - starting with close-to-home Salisbury!
29 September 2010 - Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

What terrific pictures- my desktop background just got a whole lot better. Many thanks!!
26 September 2010 - Ashford, Kent, UK

Gillian | email
Great website, thank you! I have 5 days in London coming up and will be following some of your tips.
19 August 2010 - Australia

Susan Ayer
LOVE your website! I came across it while researching our family history.I have book marked this site and will return often.

George | email
What a brilliant bit a work, keep it up. Just fell upon it by chance, and admire the section on footpaths and things, as these are now in a disrespectful state. I love to walk for miles, but so often the
paths are so hard to trace.
8 July 2010 - Lincolnshire Wolds

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