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I came across the site looking for places in Essex to go and look at.
18 April 2010 - england

Joyce Abing-Lewis | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
I've just stumbled on your site and blog. As a recent transplant to England, this site has really helped in giving me ideas to go on day trips outside of London. Thank you for your service!
5 April 2010 - Hertfordshire, England

I have just found your website as we were planning a visit to Saffron Walden. Having seen your pictures, we have now booked accomodation! Your photos are wonderful. Well done to you for publishing such a website. I would use it again. I think Saffron Walden's official town website should provide a link to yours as their own photos do not sell the town in the same way that yours do!
28 February 2010 - Leicester, UK

Such a fantastic site! I've used it several times over the years, and wanted to thank you for the great information. Your pictures are a special help in deciding which of the many wonderful trips to take. I think my next day trips (March 2010) will be Ely and possibly Rye. I also enjoy your blog.
9 January 2010 - Chicago

I'm from Russia and don't know english language well. I simply have no words to express my feelings. I like England so much! I don't know why. I want to be in each photo places you made. You help me to see much more of GB. I was in GB for several times but always for only short period. Thank you very-very much!!! :thumbup:
6 December 2009 - Russia

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