We decided to have another wander around the city today with two particular things in mind; to visit the Castle and Pull's Ferry. On the way to the Castle we went via the Market Place and discovered the 15th Century Guildhall on one edge of the market. The external appearence is decorative and certainly interesting.


The Castle is only a short walk from the Guildhall so we were soon inside. Apart from being a Norman Castle it is also an excellent museum and we spent some time looking round but the part that I was particularly interested in was the tour of the battlements. There is a walkway all the way around providing very good views across the city.

Cathedral from Castle

As the cathedral was only a short distance away we decided that another look would be in order. This time we had a much longer look around the cloisters and I must say that they have some amazing bosses on the ceiling – each one being different from the next.

Cathedral Cloisters ceiling boss

We walked through the cathedral close as far as Pull's Ferry on the River Wensum – a picturesque little spot.

Pull's Ferry

From there we walked up to the lower part of Mousehold Heath. Now there's an interesting name – I must find out its origin. This area of land comprising woodland and heath is now totally within the city boundaries. The original heath was much, much larger and was outside the old city.

Mousehold Heath

From there a longish walk back to the hotel made us pretty tired after a hard day's enjoyment.