I’m still ploughing through the latest site updates.

Carreg Cennen Castle is on the site now and what a location that was! The sunny weather helped a lot of course but it was certainly worth a visit.

We had to take a detour from Brecon on the way because a lorry had turned over and was blocking the main road just before Llandovery. We tried the nearest side road after having to turning back but after a short while we met a lot of vehicles coming the other way doing what we were trying to do but from the other side of the blockage. As these roads are not wide enough for vehicles to pass except in a few places we gave up on that route and went, with the flow, back to the main road.

We had to go back 8 miles eventually to another side road (not many round here) which went up over higher ground and bypassed the obstruction. The views we had on the detour over high ground were almost worth the delay.

We got there eventally as the photographs testify.

The latest update has just been posted and that is for Brecon and the Brecon Beacons. The next update will be for St. David’s and the Pembrokeshire coast then finally Marlborough and Avebury.

This gallivanting is hard work!

NOTE: For people who’s first langauge is not English ‘Gallivant’ means to travel in search of pleasure.