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Plan A or Plan B?


Wednesday 20th February was Marie's birthday and we had planned to meet her in London for a day out. The weather forcast for that day was cold and overcast but dry so we planned to visit the Museum of London, then lunch, then the Wallace Collection. On the Tuesday before, the weather forecast suddenly changed, […]

The trip that nearly wasn’t.


Wednesday 21st March The London weather forecast from the Meteorological Office for tomorrow (Thursday) is sunny all day and we believe them don't we? A trip to London tomorrow sounds possible. Thursday 22nd March Up early ready for our trip to London and Amanda listens to the travel news on the radio. Oh oh! There […]

Stairs, reflections and sunlight.


All the stairs were the greatest problem with relections and sunlight next. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself so let's start at the beginning. Friday 13th January 2012 saw us headed out to London once again on our first day trip of the year. Our last trip was three months ago and was […]

A later date.


At the end of my last post I said "we plan to return for more at a later date" – this is that later date on a Sunday. We came back to the City of London, as distinct from the City of Westminster and the West End, and started from the Monument this time. We […]

A tale of two mugs


The mug on the left dates from 1630 and the mug on the right dates from 1936. We are just back from our day trip today but where have we been? 😎 We started our walk as soon as we got off the train, at Liverpool Street Station, so you may guess that our destination […]