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Today I met a Saxon earl.


It was a lovely sunny morning today, we don't have many of those at the moment, so I thought I'd buy some socks, as you do, which means a journey to Maldon. Whilst I was there I decided to go and see my old friend Byrhtnoth – a Saxon earl who lives in the middle […]

Another Thursday – another trip to Wapping. Let me explain to our various overseas visitors that Wapping is not pronounced the way it is spelled but instead it's pronounced 'Wopping'. Now that we've got that sorted I'll remind you that at the end of the last report I said: "Perhaps we'll get better weather next […]

Yesterday we walked four feet


… (the ones on the end of our legs that is) and we walked them from Westminster to Liverpoool Street Station. Why Liverpool Street Station? Because that's where our train to London terminates and we will be going back home from there. We saw Westminster Palace, the London Eye in close up, the Millenium Bridge, […]