Today I met a Saxon earl.

Today I met a Saxon earl.

It was a lovely sunny morning today, we don't have many of those at the moment, so I thought I'd buy some socks, as you do, which means a journey to Maldon.

Whilst I was there I decided to go and see my old friend Byrhtnoth – a Saxon earl who lives in the middle of the River Blackwater some distance from the town centre. It was, however, a very pleasant walk through Promenade Park although the air temperature was cool enough to make ones fingers cold when walking along but there was significant heat in the sun. I have to say, though, he didn't appear to be in a good mood as all he did was wave his sword at me.

I know how he feels.

Walking back through Promenade Park presented a nice view of the quayside in Maldon.

Instead of continuing through Promenade Park I elected to go along the quayside where a number of the old sailing barges are moored and this is Thistle and Hydrogen with one of Hydrogen's sails being given an airing.

Then it was back to more mundane things i.e. sock buying and thence back home.


2 thoughts on “Today I met a Saxon earl.

  1. The blue sky looks so lovely, Boats with sails up. Makes me think it is spring in your area :yahoo:

    My outing for socks is never so pretty. :lol:


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