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Excellent website. Great photos and good descriptions. For Buckinghamshire, we recommend visiting Thornborough Bridge, roughly 3 miles outside the town of Buckingham, the last remaining medieval bridge in the county of Bucks. Built in the 13th to 14th centuries and very pretty. Amazingly, it was still being used as a road bridge for vehicles as recently as 1974!
3 June 2017 - UK

Chris | email
Nice collection of info and pics on England. Particularly like to stuff on Yorkshire. Only one area you might want to consider visiting/adding to the site: the Yorkshire Wolds area (less spectacular than the Dales but fewer tourists) near Malton and Pickering. Chris
15 January 2017 - Australia

Les Horn | email
A shortest to add to the site. The River Morar which runs from the deepest freshwater loch/lake in Europe (Loch Morar) to the sea is just short of 1 km long.
3 April 2016 - Scotland

Les Horn | email
Following restoration of the summit cairn, Ben Nevis has recently been remeasured by the Ordnance Survey and, using GPS, has been officially reclassified as 1,345 m (4,412 ft)
3 April 2016 - Scotland

Nostalgically flopped on a hotel bed in Osaka, Japan feeling nostalgic, reading the (depressing) Guardian online. Typed in 'day trips from Osaka ' and remembered this website which I love and used until all places were visited. Tremendous job.the Internet does have some pluses.
20 November 2015 - Osaka ( British resident, Tasmanian born)

Peter Hockett | email
The most interesting site I have ever found. Thank you all the contributors,
16 October 2015 - Essex England

Sherri | email
Just stumbled across your site when I was googling something about the Canary Wharf bridge. This is brilliant! I really plan on reading through it all! Cheers!
9 June 2015 - Orlando, FL USA

Angela Burkholder | email
Thanks so much for doing this! I especially appreciate the day trips from London section.
29 May 2015 - Virginia, USA

Patricia Baker | email
What a brilliant website - thank you! I'll take enormous pleasure in directing my young, impecunious but interested 'foreign' friends to it as they want to know more about this country - and, as a Londoner, I'll enjoy it myself.
20 February 2015 - London

Bill Young | email
Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
Takes me back on vacation all over again!
6 May 2014 - USA

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