We set off from home in sunshine and as we progressed further west so the amount of cloud increased. We arrived in Wells at around 2 o’clock, 4 hours later, under total cloud cover complete with the occasional shower.

After a quick lunch we went for a walk round the city. This is England’s smallest city and, being a city, it has a cathedral. A walk around the outside soon convinced us that this was indeed an impressive cathedral. The city centre certainly is compact with some attractive corners.

With the weather being the way it was I didn’t take any pictures on our brief walk but after dinner just before it was nearly dark I took this picture of the cathedral West Front partly lit by the surrounding street lights.


The next day (today) it was still cloudy with more rain forecast so we thought that indoors would be good. A trip to see the inside of the cathedral was our plan. We spent a few hours there and finished our visit with lunch in the cathedral refectory. This was the first photograph I took.


We also had a look round the Bishop’s palace after lunch both inside and outside. No pictures in the garden though as it was raining but it would certainly provide some good pictures in the sun. If we get any sun this week and we happen to be in Wells at the time then a return visit to the Bishop’s Palace gardens will be on the cards as will some outside pictures of the cathedral.

We shall have to wait and see what the weather brings.