The weather this morning started as it meant to carry on – cloudy.

We had decided that today we would go to Glastonbury whatever the weather and so that is where we arrived in pouring rain. After what seemed an age the rain did stop so we went for a walk around the town. Glastonbury doesn’t have a great deal to offer – there is a quite nice, small market square with a market cross, the George and Pilgrim Hotel, pretty old from the look of it, the Abbey and, of course, Glastonbury Tor.


The town has a very generous sprinkling of what I could only describe as Weirdo’s shops which were full of mystic related things. After having lunch here we opted to climb the tor whilst it wasn’t raining and to prove it here is Amanda about to arrive at the very top.


It was a bit breezy on the way up but on arriving at the top we were buffeted by what seemed to be a full gale. Going back down the path so that one descended about 6 feet vertically and it was back to a breeze. Very odd!

We had an excellent view of some very, very murky looking weather approaching the tor. I suggested staying up there and sheltering in the tower until it had passed until Amanda pointed out that it had no roof. Whoops!


We hurried back down and reached the shelter of the car just before the next downpour.

We decided to go from here to Burrington Combe a beauty spot a little north of Cheddar. It was pouring when we arrived so we decided to wait it out in the car. We waited and waited and waited… In the end we gave up and returned to Wells.

This must have been our worst day of the week so far for weather. Only one or two photographs of Glastonbury Tor and none at all of Burrington Combe. The weather forecast for tomorrow is only marginally better so we shall have to wait and see.