Yesterday morning Amanda and I were having a cup of coffee when she noticed it was raining. I looked out of the window and could see that it was, indeed, raining.

But then I noticed something odd. Some of the ‘rain drops’ were swirling around as if they were floating on the air currents. Amanda agreed with me so I headed for the door to get a closer look and just before I reached the door it stopped.

A little later Amanda said “It’s that funny rain again” and it was so this time we both moved over to the window to get a better look. Some of it was ordinary rain drops but some of it was showing up brighter. It certainly wasn’t hail stones, they wouldn’t float, so it must be SNOW! It wasn’t snow flakes but those little lumps of powdered snow.

There was a strong cold wind yesterday, being outside wasn’t particulary pleasant, and there was a ground frost forecast for this morning.

Snow on the 3rd of October – Cor Blimey! 😯

The autumn colours are showing early this year too. For the last few years we have had to wait until November for autumn colours but they are beginning to appear now.

I wonder what winter will be like? 🙁