Amanda’s Foot – Part 2

Amanda’s Foot – Part 2

I took Amanda back to the hospital yesterday for her first check-up after the operation. The foot apparently is progressing well. They removed the original, very bulky, dressings and most of the stitches. I say 'most of the stitches' because they couldn't get one out. Amanda said it felt as if there was a knot inside the foot and the nurse was complaining about the surgeon for not using stitches that dissolve. Amanda said she'd have a go herself, later, at trying to remove the offending stitch.

The new dressing is much less bulky and can be removed when she has a bath. Her next visit will be in 4 weeks and she has to wear her clumpy shoe until then.

So far so good! smilies

2 thoughts on “Amanda’s Foot – Part 2

  1. Oh, hurrah :smile: Amanda can finally have a bath :twisted:

    Actually, the entire paragraph held good news…except for that offending stitch. Doctors should listen to nurses more often :!:

    Here’s continuing good foot, Amanda. I know you’ll be busy come Spring, and there is a certain chapel which I have been promised by your future guest that will see everybody’s feet :grin:

    Take it easy!!


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