A peek at a porch with panache.

A peek at a porch with panache.

On our Saffron Walden trip we also stopped briefly in the village of Radwinter just a few miles east of Saffron Walden to have a look at the church. We were unable to go inside because it was locked but we were able to see this rather unusual porch.

Radwinter Church porch

It is not unusual to see a porch with timber struts supporting the roof but a porch with a room above and built as a timber-framed structure is unusual. It apparently dates from 1350 the church having been built around 50 years earlier.

We likes it. :smile:

5 thoughts on “A peek at a porch with panache.

  1. You really have to go back when the church is open to find out what the room was used for. If it was built 50 years later, then they would have had to break through the wall.. Sounds interesting.


  2. I just googled the church, rather interesting. The room was used to store muniments. I had to google that – law documents, property titles.

    I have learned a new word today :lol:


  3. What a great rental that would make! I think a person could be very comfy living in that, and bet the scenery is lovely, too :smile:

    Annecyborn…if it ‘was used’, what is its purpose now?


  4. Sorry, I should not have used the past tense. The site does not say why it was built just that it is now used for storage of muniments.

    As for a rental, I doubt you could swing a cat in it, kind of like a hotel room in London, tourist class :lol:


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