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Six weeks ago to the day we were going to do this very trip but I had a heart attack instead so it had to be cancelled. However no heart attack this time so we left home to do the short drive (10 miles) to East Mersea. You have probably not heard of East Mersea […]

A rather fowl walk


Some friends of ours (yes we have friends) visited us yesterday and it was a lovely sunny day so we went off for a walk. We parked a car at the proposed end of our walk and drove off towards our intended starting point. We went via an Indian Restaurant first for lunch in a […]

A Rampart surprise

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Some time ago (March 2012) I did a little walk which involved passing an ancient earthwork called the Rampart (See this post). I did the same walk this morning and, to my great surprise, I found the Rampart ditch was full of water. Admittedly the water couldn't be seen because it was covered in Duckweed […]

Today I met a Saxon earl.


It was a lovely sunny morning today, we don't have many of those at the moment, so I thought I'd buy some socks, as you do, which means a journey to Maldon. Whilst I was there I decided to go and see my old friend Byrhtnoth – a Saxon earl who lives in the middle […]

A journey in reverse.


No, I don't mean that I was walking (or driving) backwards but that a walk I have done before from Tollesbury to Salcott I was going to do the other way round and there's a reason for that. Earlier today there was a jumble sale in Salcott, a village near us, which Amanda wanted to […]

Time and Tide


Friday was Amanda's birthday and it was forecast to be a nice day so we thought we'd have a short trip to Tollesbury. We walked along the sea wall until we spotted some Sea Lavender and went down onto the marshes to have a look. The salt marshes are riddled with channels which form quite […]

Our trip is at an end.


… and to be more precise it's at Audley End. As you all probably know (Who am I kidding?) 'end' is the Saxon word for 'home' and this was Thomas Audley's home. Not a bad home eh? These Jacobean piles are two a penny around here (Essex and Suffolk) and this one is on the […]