The Main Web Site:

The most popular page on the main web site is the 'Day Trips from London' page with, on average, 10 views every hour. That's 235 views every day and 85,925 views in total for 2011.

There were visits from all around the world from over 200 countries with the most visits from the U.K. and just 1 from the Cook Islands.

The longest duration of any visit was over an hour and there were approximately 500,000 visits during 2011 with over 1,200,000 pages viewed.

The Blog:

There were 2500 attempted spam comments during 2011 on the Blog (notice that I said 'attempted' ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and it had around 6000 visitors looking at over 12,000 pages.

I don't have any statistics for the Forum.