A very wet drought

A very wet drought

We have a drought at present and that's official. This is what our lawn looks like during this very same drought.

During this April the rain, at times, has been coming down in buckets and it's still raining. Today's forecast is 'Heavy Rain'. So what is going on?

Simple really. The groundwater is very low because we have had very little rain over the last two winters which is when the groundwater is normally replenished. We have also had plenty of cloud during the last two summers but little rain. Now it seems intent in making up for it but it will take a long time to make up the groundwater and we don't expect the official drought to end any time soon.

I went for a walk yesterday and when I got to this point I gave up.

The paths across the fields were very squishy mud interspersed with very deep puddles. Just behind that tree on the right you may notice a bank of dark grey cloud which was moving my way and I didn't want to be caught in the next deluge especially as I'd forgotten to bring my Ark with me. I really needed a wet suit to walk in those conditions so I gave up and went back home.

The long range forecast uses words like unsettled and changeable. It doesn't bode well for trips and photographs.

One thought on “A very wet drought

  1. I saw lots of standing water in fields on my train ride to York. I can atest to the heavy rain :yuck: The comments I heard alot was about hose pipe bans despite the heavy rains. I know about the mud – makes it very hard to climb a hill – very easy to fall down :censored: I have the bruise to prove it.


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