We are going to get wet! :bawl:

Since May we have been patiently waiting for some reasonable weather and I suspect that we will still be waiting at Christmas. This is, apparently, the worst summer we've had since records began so we have given up waiting and are booked to go away this Sunday morning, 15th July, come hell or high water. Most likely the latter.

We are going in our old Volvo, which will be 20 years old this December, because Amanda is happy to drive that one and, as the journey is rather long, a co-driver will be very welcome. If it falls apart on the journey I'll take a photograph of the pieces to show you.

With the weather being what it is we will probably experience a lot of rain and if I can take photographs without getting the camera drenched then I will. This is July remember and I've packed an anorak, jumpers, waterproof top and waterproof trousers. :umbrella:

We are going to an area of the country whose landscape has been formed by water. The rocks were laid down under water around 350 million years ago (no I don't remember it) and are still being shaped by water today. It's a six hour drive from us but we are are stopping overnight about two hours from home to look at some more rock of the same type but much younger geologically.

I'm not going to tell you where we're headed until we arrive and even if you guess I shan't confirm it. What an old meanie I am. :devil: