Tuesday: Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny all day.

Wednesday: Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny all day.

Thursday: Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny all day.

Friday: Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny spells (Oh! Oh!)  :unhappy:

Saturday: I plan to walk from Tollesbury to Salcott along the shorter route, 4.5 miles instead of 8.5 miles. Weather forecast now says sunny spells with showers. I decide to chance it.

Leaving the house under a mostly cloudy sky, although there are a few small blue patches, I walk across the fields towards the bus stop and experience a light shower on the way. There was ice on our rooflights this morning and the wind is definitely icy. I begin to wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

The bus is on time and I'm on my way to Tollesbury in the warm and dry (Make the most of it while you can). It's only a ten minute journey and I get out in The Square and set off down the road towards the waterside and the start of the path.

When I reach the path I start the GPS on my phone so that it will produce a track of my route and then set off along the sea wall. A shower starts after I take my first step. Is somebody trying to tell me something? I do see a rainbow over Mersea Island so there must be some sun somewhere although not here. The tops of my trousers are wet through but I hope that when (if) the rain stops the strong wind will dry them out.

The rain stops for about three minutes, giving my trousers the chance to get at least partly dry, then starts again. This time it's heavier and it's being blown into my face by the strong wind and I don't see any breaks in the cloud to indicate that it may stop again. It doesn't. :bawl:

By the time I get to Old Hall Farm, around two miles, my trousers are soaked through and I can feel cold water running down my lower legs and into my boots. Lovely!  :yuck: I decide that discretion is the better part of valour and find a slightly sheltered spot to telephone Amanda to come down Old Hall Road and pick me up. I start off along the road to meet her part way and am glad to get into the car when it appears.

I didn't take my camera which is just as well as I wouldn't risk taking it out of its bag in this weather. Had I been given a hint of what the weather might have been like I could have taken waterproofs but there was no hint.

Today (Tuesday): The forecast for today is cloudy this morning and mostly sunny this afternoon. The cloud starts to break up earlier than predicted and I set off again to the bus stop this time in the sun with a light breeze. The bus gets me to Tollesbury at fifteen minutes to one. I walk down to the start of the footpath again but divert into The Loft Tearooms for lunch and after some yummy Roasted Sweet Squash soup and some really nice brown bread I feel fortified enough for the walk. 😎

This time there was no rain, plenty of sun and a light breeze. Still quite chilly but very pleasant. At one point I saw a small flock of geese go overhead and head away from me but then they turned and came back towards me and I thought 'why on earth are they doing that?'. It was at that point I realised that there was a large flock of geese on the ground between me and the flying geese who then landed among the flock on the ground. So why would they go over the ground flock first and then turn and come back? It was probably that they wanted to land into the wind. Very sensible.

Further on I saw a solitary swan but because I was looking into the sun I couldn't see it very well but thought that the head shape was wrong for the Mute Swan so it probably was a Bewick Swan or Whooper Swan which over-winter in this country.

It took me about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to Salcott where Amanda was waiting to pick me up. The distance according to my smartphone GPS was 4.55 miles. I should add to that the 0.65 miles from our house to the bus stop and the 0.69 miles from The Square in Tollesbury down to the footpath. So that's a total of 5.79 miles if my mental arithmetic is up to it.

A nice walk. :mrgreen: