Software is everywhere. It's in your computer, your smartphone, your washing machine and your television. You are using it now to read this post. 😯

The trouble with software is that it has bugs in it. They may not always be apparent but they are there. There are unpleasant people out there who know this and seek to exploit some of these bugs so that they can then do things that they were never meant to do.

That applies to the software that runs this blog so that when these weaknesses are discovered an update is issued. There was an update for this blog software so I thought that I should update it.

It snowed all day last Wednesday but because the temperature was about 33F none of it settled but it did persuade me that I should do something inside rather than outside. I decided to update the blog.

Needless to say it wasn't as straightforward as I had hoped but we got there in the end. The update has also allowed me to add an extra feature. You should now be able to edit your own comments up to 60 minutes after posting it. 🙂

There will be a small link in the comment which says "Edit". Just click it and you can edit the comment. I have also added a 'Quote' link which, if clicked, will add the contents of a previous comment to the new comment as a "quote".

It doesn't get any better than that. 😎

Spring still hasn't arrived. :bawl: