I am not your average Englishman. I don't drink tea and have drunk coffee for most of my life and can remember drinking the coffee substitute Chickory Essence during world war II before I reached my teens.

I keep two sorts of coffee – caffeinated and decaffeinated. Caffeinated for the first half of the day and decaffeinated for the latter part. If I drink caffeinated coffee in the afternoon or later then I often wake during the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. Decaffeinated coffee in the afternoon cures that problem.

You may remember that Amanda and I both caught a rather nasty viral infection about 5 weeks ago and although most of the symptons had gone I still felt way under par from time to time; very little energy and often very tired. I ascribed this to 'post viral syndrome'. smilies

Then one morning recently as I was preparing some caffeinated coffee I noticed the word 'decaf' on the jar label as there was also on the other jar. Sometime in the recent past I had obviously managed to substitute decaffeinated coffee for the caffeinated coffee and was having decaffeinated coffee all day. smilies

So I went back on to caffeinated coffee in the morning and the next day most of my symptoms had gone away and I felt much better. I had, of course, been suffering withdrawal symptoms after not having caffeine. I am a drug addict. smilies

I wouldn't have believed the difference had I not experienced it myself. smilies