Time to catch a tram

Time to catch a tram

We are just back from a short shopping trip.

We drove the short distance to Kington in Shropshire where Amanda wanted to visit a small garden centre as did I. As they were 'Hozelock, agents I was hoping that they would have a hose reel on a small trolley (which can be trundled around the garden with little effort), where the hose is completely enclosed, and they did. Whoopee. We need a hose! Amanda bought one plant and a few odds and ends.

We then drove a little further to Eardisley, one of the villages on the Black & White Trail, not to look at the village but to visit a bookshop/pub. It is an odd combination. They provide food, as well as books, and have many good reviews so we were hoping to have lunch there and Amanda wanted to look round their books. Typically they are closed until the end of the month for redecoration. Bummer!

So, where to get lunch now? sad

Opposite, on the other side of the road was another pub, The Tram Inn, so we decided to try that. Apparently in 1816 there was a horse drawn tramway constructed running from Hay-on-Wye to Eardisley bringing coal from Brecon. It was for industrial use only and not for moving people. The 17th century inn was already in existence but was renamed to celebrate the arrival of the tramway.

Our lunch turned out to be excellent and beautifully presented such that we would be more than happy to go there again.

No photographs this time. The weather was dry but the cloud was rather low such that when we climbed onto higher ground we went into the cloud. We will probably be back in better weather. cool


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