Just before we went away on our last trip I bought a new camera. I wanted something that I could slip into my pocket and use easily and quickly or that Amanda, my wife, could use perhaps when we were travelling along in the car.

I also wanted something good enough to act as a standby in the event that my main camera went wrong. After a lot of research on the Internet I decided on the Casio Exilim shown below.

Casio Exilim z850

It has an amazing number of features packed into that tiny frame including 8 megapixels resolution, ready for action in about 1 second, 3x optical zoom, optical viewfinder, flash, an LCD screen that occupies most of the back of the camera and on top of that it is really easy to use.

The large circle is where the lens extends when switched on and the small rectangle in the centre of the circle is a protective metal shutter that covers the lens when the camera is switched off and automatically opens when the camera is switched on – no lens cap to lose.

Small in size – big on features! An excellent addition to the traveller’s kit.