This is for only those of you with thermostatically controlled heating.

December 2009 was, apparently, the coldest December for 30 years which doesn’t surprise me and now, in January 2010, it’s still just as cold although the temperature, occasionally, does go up to just above freezing before it drops again.

Let’s say you have your thermostat set to 70F which makes you feel comfortable indoors. Have you ever noticed that if the outside temperature rises significantly you begin to feel too warm and if the outside temperature drops significantly you start to feel chilly and want to turn the heating temperature up even though the set temperature of 70F is maintained all the time?

Why is it that a steady temperature can make you feel comfortable, chilly or too warm? Amanda and I have both noticed that but cannot imagine what the reason would be. It’s a bit of a mystery. ๐Ÿ˜•