Our next ‘staying away’ trip is planned for next month and will be the first this year. We will be going to Norwich in Norfolk for a week and our accommodation is now booked for Monday 12th – Monday 19th June.

Our hotel is on the western edge of the city centre and the distance from there to the opposite edge of the city centre is only a mile so it should be relatively easy to get to most locations.

I believe that the hotel provides broadband access to guests so if that is the case then I shall try to update this blog fairly frequently during the trip and include the occasional picture.

I’ve not been to Norwich before and am looking forward to seeing some of the sights – the cathedral and river, what’s left of the old city walls, Elm Hill ( a picturesque cobbled medieval street) and so on. We also hope to travel outside of the city to see the coast and the Broads.

My only problem will be the weather. Pictures taken in cloudy weather never look as nice as those taken in sunshine. This is England after all. Last Thursday and Friday were wonderfully sunny and warm whereas Saturday until now have been cloudy with lots of rain. We can only wait and see.

Update: 6:15 PM

The weather has brightened up a lot this afternoon – mostly sunny, dry and warm and I saw a Muntjac deer in our lane.