We have a Weeping Willow in our garden. Last year it looked very sick, leaves turning yellow and falling off during the summer. Looking at that tree you could have been forgiven for thinking that autumn had arrived in August.

This what our tree should have looked like at this time of year:

and this is what it actually looks like now:

A few weeks ago we pronounced it dead which was quite upsetting because it had been such a lovely tree.

Then today whilst we were in the garden I noticed that in a number of places on branches near the main trunks there were little spots of light green – leaves! So it isn't dead yet smilies

Most of the existing smaller branches are, almost certainly, dead and we will have to wait until the tree starts to grow new branches and, hopefully, over time we will get our tree back. We shall have to cosset and nurture it in the hope that recovery will one day be complete.

Keep your fingers crossed.