This, of course, is the continuing saga of the garage. I can't imagine what else you though it might be about.

The old garage is now almost empty and we've been redistributing its contents around other outbuildings. One of those outbuildings, we've discovered, is now the nesting place for Mr and Mrs Blackbird complete with a nest containing five scraggy looking chicks so we now have to be very careful when we want to go in there.
Not only that but we're going to have to upset the Queen. Whilst clearing out the old garage we've noticed bumble bees coming and going and there is obviously a nest under the floor as we see them popping down a small hole in the floor. That floor, eventually, is going to be ripped up which won't please them very much and we don't like it either but there's really no alternative. We can't afford to wait until the end of summer when the colony will be disbanded. A small consolation is that it appears to be a very common bee rather than a species that may be at risk.
Life is hard.:bawl: