We are now 3 weeks past mid-summer which means that the days are getting shorter although as there is still a little light at 10:00 PM it doesn't really notice yet.

It would be nice if we could have some – summer that is. We have now had about 6-7 weeks of unsettled weather and it has not been especially warm. The problem is that the weather is so unreliable. There has, generally, been a lot of cloud with small patches of blue sky, sometimes none, and showers. Some showers have been very very heavy and some not – some short and some long.

The weather hasn't been too bad for tourists but it has not been good for photography. I seemed to spend a lot of time in Rye just waiting for the sun to come out although on one morning we had sun all the time but at lunch time the cloud re-appeared.

We were hoping to go away at least once, possibly twice, in June but we haven't. We are hoping that we may get some warm, sunny and reliable weather before autumn but we're not banking on it. smilies

I am going away on Friday 27th July to the North Yorkshire Moors for a week whatever the weather. Amanda won't be coming on this trip, which is disappointing, but I'm joining some other family members in some self-catering accommodation which, from my point of view, is a relatively cheap option. Because it's relatively cheap I won't feel that I've wasted money if I don't get any photographs because of the weather.

There will be plenty to do up there. There is the North York Moors Railway (steam), some quaint villages like Staithes and Robin Hood's Bay, interesting old towns like Whitby and Helmsley and the coast is an excellent place for fossil hunting.

There isn't any broadband access so no daily trip reports.

A week today, I think, I shall be meeting a young Italian gentleman who, apparently, comes over to Great Britain frequently and has already written one book about it. I'm looking forward to that.

In just over two weeks we shall be in August – come on Summer where are you?