It seems, at the moment, that if we lift or move anything in the garden there's a toad underneath. I think we've cornered the world market in toads. :mrgreen:

For example we have now cleared the site for the new garage and left a few small pieces of corrugated roofing lying on the ground and a few days later when I decided to move them I find a rather large toad underneath.
I did move the bits of roofing but put the toad in a safe, cool place. Then, this morning, Amanda found one in an empty plant pot, which had water in it, so she rescued the toad from that because it couldn't have possibly climbed out without help.
That's enough about those for toaday. :yuck:
Do you realise that we are now past the longest day and into July and although we have made a few day trips to London we haven't been away once yet this year? :unhappy:
We probably can't go away for at least another two weeks because next week on Wednesday and Thursday the base for the new garage is to be laid and then, sometime the following week, the new garage will be erected. If we then were to go away the new garage, having only just arrived, might feel a bit lonely. :roll:
Decisions, decisions.