Tuesday 10th August saw us travelling to London to meet Jerry and Diane during their trip to London from the U.S.A. except that we met only Jerry because Diane had worn herself out with all the walking around London that they'd already done so she stayed resting back at their hotel.

The weather wasn't good. :umbrella:
It was raining hard when we got to our local railway station but by the time we'd reached London the rain had stopped but it was still overall cloudy. We met Jerry at Tower Hill tube station and walked to St. Catherine's Dock just this side of Tower bridge. We looked at some old Thames Barges and the three storey balconied Dickens Inn before leaving the dock and crossing Tower Bridge to Shad Thames. At the far end of Shad Thames we went to the riverside to look at the two Mississippi paddle steamers moored there before walking back into Shad Thames where we had lunch in Tea Pod.
We went west along the Thames Path passing the Golden Hinde replica, Hay's Galleria and the Clink prison to reach Southwark Cathedral.
Having looked round Southwark Cathedral we moved on to the Globe Theatre where we crossed the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul's Cathedral, turned east down Cannon Street to the Monument. By this time it had started raining again.
Jerry wanted to get back to the hotel, and Diane, no later than 4 o'clock so next to the Monument and the Monument Tube Station is where we parted company and Amanda and I went home.
It was a pleasant trip and we thoroughly enjoyed Jerry's company. We were, of course, talking all the time. :grin:
Jerry took some photographs along the way which he may display in due course but my camera stayed firmly in it's bag all day.