We were grubbing about in the farthest reaches of the garden today behind one of our old outbuildings when we noticed a lot of buzzing. We soon traced it to the top corner of the outbuilding, just under the roof, which was an easy job when we noticed all the hornets coming and going.

I had a look inside the building but there was no sign of them there so they must have built a nest in a cavity in the wall somewhere. Hornets tend to like woodland areas and this corner is virtually surrounded by trees.

I went back a little later to try and photograph one which wasn't easy. When they emerge from the nest by the time I realised that one had appeared it was gone and they tend to zoom back in rather quickly too. (I'm trying to make excuses for a not very good picture)

We often see hornets around here so it's nice to know that they're nesting in our garden.  They took no notice of us when we were there so we shall leave them in peace.