Last Thursday we went to the Tourism and Leisure Show which covers the south-east corner of England and discovered a few places we didn't know about.

We called at the Essex Writers' stand and found ourselves in a group photograph. There's only one person with a beard so I suppose it must be me.

We called at various stands for Kentwell Hall, Colne Valley Railway, East Anglian Railway Museum, Hylands House and arranged to visit them sometime. We knew about these places but just haven't got around to arranging visits yet.

We also visited the Barleylands stand and arranged to visit them sometime. They had some of the cutest chickens I've ever seen with a rather elaborate 'hair do' in a cage.

One of the places we didn't know about was Hole Park Gardens and going by the photographs we were shown it looks as though they have some lovely gardens. We spoke to someone on the Isle of Wight stand and talked about fossils and, no, I wasn't one of them.

So now we have even more places to visit. We need more time. :bawl: