Yesterday we went to St. Peter's Chapel at Bradwell-on-Sea again. The chapel has been there a long time – about 1300 years (give or take a few days either way. smilies ) and it's so peaceful out there. I say 'out there' as one has to drive about 2 miles out of Bradwell village on a narrow lane that eventually stops and then walk another half-mile to the chapel. All around there is nothing but open space.

The inside is very simple as you can see.

We walked across the marshes to the beach where Amanda found an oyster, stranded when the tide went out, and put it back in the water (Bang goes that free snack).

Walking back across the marshes towards the chapel we came across some more of the same Sea Lavender that we had seen previously at Tollesbury.

You can see the little chapel in the background with Amanda, on the right, striding across the marsh.

We finished off our little trip with lunch in the King's Head in Bradwell village. Nice food too!