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Doug Allchin | email
Loved the site and the quirky humour - shame about the sandals with socks though - a real fashion disaster! lol PS I too have an E-10 and a Zaurus! Small world huh?
4 August 2006 - United States (Expat Brit)

Bryan Russell | email
Great site, you have put a lot of work into it. I spent 6 weeks in the UK in 2004 and enjoyed every minute of it. Travelled 5,000k, got lost several times, but it was fun really. Would have to be the best site of this nature I have come across. Keep up the good work
22 June 2006 - Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia.

David | email

Absolutely loved your website.

Found the day Trips from London section through Google and I am off to Dedham Vale tomorrow as a result.

I've had an unbelievably stressful week and need this break out there more than I can say. Should be wonderful!

A superb website which is clearly of immense use to readers.

Thank you!

18 June 2006 - London

dear barry
thank you for your website. I am a Tewkesbury person currently studying Chinese in China!
I very much enjoyed seeing pictures of my hometown and hope to show them to friends here.
Best Wishes
5 June 2006 - Chengdu, China

peter tkaczyk | email
What a truly wonderful website, I am fortunate to live in Middlesbrough and therefore we are ideally placed for North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Durham & Northumberland, but you have managed to introduce me to areas we have still to discover, I will be mailing your site addy to everyone I know - Ah this green and pleasant.......
15 May 2006 - Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England

What a wonderderful website, an inspiration indeed. Many thanks from an Epping Forest-ite
7 May 2006 - Epping Forest

Bobby Thomas | email
Great site,I was born in Braintree my dad was USAF stationed twice @ RAF Wethersfield.We have visited recently and i think its great to find such a great place that seems to stand still in time.(FinchingField)Have lived in US since 84.
5 May 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

kathleen | email
thankyou for the lovely picures.I was born on Mersea Island.I have lived near Dedham and now i live in the USA.
I am meeting up with my cousins for the first time this year and we will will be showing off Essex and the Suffolk boarder & Mersea where their mother was born too( they were born in Canada)
Mersea has its own web page now too- if you would like to see some Island photos.
Best wishes to all.Kay ( nee Quigley- researching Hempstead Wade Green Farthing & Millett family roots)
28 April 2006 - San Francisco

Richard Griffiths | email
I was over in Hampshire in the spring of 2005 and the greatest pity was the lack of time I had in order to search out these beautiful villages.
I'm a Warwickshire lad born and bred but Hampshire would be my favourite county.
One of the most interesting web sites I've visited.
Pictures like these certainly make me miss "Olde England".
21 April 2006 - Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ron Hunwick | email
Found your Web site by chance.

I was born in Coggeshall Essex in July 1935 so now nearly 71. The Photos of Coggeshall brought back childhod memories, Great Web site.
31 March 2006 - Perth West-Australia

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