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Stefano Fatarella | email
Dear Barry,
I visit your site almost every day since some year ago. Never I have enough of it. Thank you for your splendid pics of Classic Britannia.
10 March 2007 - Udine - Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia - ITALY

chris hadley
great site for this cold winter day. visit england twice a year/wish i could see half of what you seen.
23 January 2007 - nova scotia canada

Suzanne Cunningham | email
Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a fantastic website. The many hours you must have worked of this site are apparent. Great job!
10 January 2007 - North Carolina, USA

Is a very great page with good information..I think this year one trip to England
1 January 2007 - Chile

Dr. Noah H. Kersey, Ph.D. | email
It is such a joy to see the pictures of the Village of Kersey on the web. I want to visit there because my wife has traced my lineage back to this Village.
25 December 2006 - Carmel, Indiana

Pam Knowles | email
Hi Barry,
A wonderful trip round England from my PC. I live in South Africa and have visited the UK often, will defenity plan next trip with a great deal of help from you. What a pleasure it must be for you and your family.
Have a Blessed Christmas and much happiness in 2007 regards Pam
21 December 2006 - South Africa

High school student's research project on 16th Century buildings in England.
Your information and the pictures are very helpful.
Thanks for creating the site
29 November 2006 - U.S.A.

RobL | email
Hi Barry
High time I left a message on here, the site is great and thanks for all your helpful comments with my purchasing an Olympus E-10. Next time you are down this way give me a shout - could be a good excuse for a photographic expedition and get Devon onto the site! :-) Best wishes RobL
31 October 2006 - Plymouth, England

malcolmdyer | email
superb photographic record of medieval buildings. We own and live in a c14th hall house and am currently looking for similar small houses for comparitive study. These are extremely rare. Your site has been a great help. Thankyou.
2 October 2006 - Kent.

Larry Stebbins
Beautiful Website I am trying to trace my family roots and you have a great deal of history.
16 September 2006 - Beautiful Ohio USA

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