A journey in reverse.

A journey in reverse.

No, I don't mean that I was walking (or driving) backwards but that a walk I have done before from Tollesbury to Salcott I was going to do the other way round and there's a reason for that.

Earlier today there was a jumble sale in Salcott, a village near us, which Amanda wanted to visit. So we both went to Salcott in her car and she went off in one direction to the village hall and I went in the other direction towards the marshes. She was going to drive to Tollesbury when she had finished with the jumble sale.

We parked outside the church and Amanda went off behind the camera and I headed further along the lane. It may be worth mentioning that I didn't have my camera with me and I was going to use my 'phone instead. This is where I started.

It's not a long walk to the end of the lane and I was soon at the edge of the field looking across a sea of mud to the sea wall. At least the mud didn't extend across the whole of the field. The sea wall is the darker band on the horizon.

You may notice that there is some sun which is nice but it's forecast not to last. I reached the far side of the field and climbed up onto the sea wall and looked out over the salt marshes.

I set off on the wall to the right and soon came to the first bend and the first gate. The gates are not to hinder people but to prevent cattle movement. They can't work out how to open gates you know (the cattle not the people).

That stuff under the gate has the consistency of thick porridge but it isn't porridge, oh no, it's mud. Well it is November. I squelch onwards.

The main channel swings over towards the wall and joins me which makes a nice change of scenery together with numerous water fowl.

A little further on the channel starts to move away again. Is it trying to tell me something?

Oi! Wait a minute. Where's the sun gone? It was shining from over my right shoulder a minute ago now it's gone. When I look over said shoulder I see a large bank of dark grey cloud moving across the sun. I think that's a bit poor.

As I approach the next bend and the next gate I see a small flock of geese flying in my direction just as I reach the bend I see them land in a field then I notice why. The field is covered in geese from end to end. All those little black spots are Brent geese.

I continue past the field of geese cackling away (the geese not me) and eventually I see a gate ahead where my path leaves the wall and goes off to the right across the marsh.

I go through the small gate, down the side of the wall to the large gate at the lower level then over the stile next to the large gate to continue on the path beyond. It has taken me a half hour so far.

The walk across the marshes is uneventful and I soon arrive at the sea wall on the far side.

Up onto that wall, through the gate and off to the right.

Those strange structures across the channel I suspect are there to calm the water. I set off as I've a way to go yet and Amanda is driving to Tollesbury after the Jumble Sale, parking in Tollesbury and setting off to meet me from the opposite end.

I spot Old Hall Farm in the distance which slowly gets nearer and I've been going just over an hour now.

Not long after passing Old Hall Farm I meet up with Amanda and the sun comes out again. Perhaps it's just that being with Amanda makes everything seem brighter. We still have some distance to go and it seems even more when the path stretches in front, seemingly, for ever.

The view to our right looked rather atmospheric especially as the sun was quite low in the sky by this time.

After a while we rounded a bend and saw the red lightship in Tollesbury some way ahead.

It wasn't far from there to the car and to the end of my/our walk. It had been a pleasant walk with a very light breeze and I had sun at the beginning and at the end. Can't have everything I suppose.

Why am I writing this? Who wants to look at boring pictures of an Essex marsh anyway? Is there anyone out there? Hello! Hello! I thought not – nobody there. It makes me feel like Marvin in the Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy. smilies


10 thoughts on “A journey in reverse.

  1. I enjoyed following your walk. I am a bit familiar with the area as I have been there, or part if it, before. Haven’t I. I am not sure I would have enjoyed trampling through the mud though.


  2. If you walked around your backyard we’d eagerly read about it.

    You must lead a very sad life. :wink: :grin2:

    I enjoyed following your walk.I am a bit familiar with the area as I have been there, or part if it, before.Haven’t I.

    Yes you have been there (Tollesbury).

    When I made that last remark I wasn’t thinking of the ‘regulars’ but the other visitors to the blog. According to the statistics there were over 7000 visitors to the blog in October. All those visitors and not one comment. It seems strange. :???:


  3. Yes, I lead a sad life. If purchasing a newer vehicle is the high light of the year ….. Well, piece it together :cry:


  4. At least people are reading your blog. :banana:

    You took me so many places that it can be hard to remember (at my time of life :bawl: ) but I do remember the red lightship very clearly.


  5. I enjoyed your walk and I did not get my feet muddy.

    I didn't get my feet muddy either but my boots got very muddy. :cool:

    At least people are reading your blog.

    Perhaps the statistics are lying and there are only about a dozen people reading it :unhappy: or if there are really 7000 readers then I suppose that 6988 think it's too boring to bother. :bawl:


  6. Enjoys reading about all your walks and hopes to do some of them in the future.
    Probably not before 2015 :unhappy:
    You got one of the best blogs I have ever seen. Such an inspiration :thumbsup2:
    Marianne, Denmark


  7. You got one of the best blogs I have ever seen. Such an inspiration Cheers Marianne, Denmark

    Thank you Marianne. :thumbsup2:

    Perhaps the statistics are lying and there are only about a dozen people reading it

    Well that's 4 out of the dozen so far. :roll:


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