A rather fowl walk

A rather fowl walk

Some friends of ours (yes we have friends) visited us yesterday and it was a lovely sunny day so we went off for a walk.

We parked a car at the proposed end of our walk and drove off towards our intended starting point. We went via an Indian Restaurant first for lunch in a nearby village and very nice it was too.

After lunch we drove to the start of our walk and parked, changed into walking boots, and off we went to some Essex Salt Marshes  via the river wall. We saw and heard some Curlew with their distinct bubbly call and I stopped to take my first picture using my smartphone.

How's that for the middle of nowhere?

As we progressed we saw more and more water fowl including Teal, Widgeon, Pin-tail duck, various types of geese who come from more northerly climes to overwinter here and, at one point, we saw a flock of Golden Plovers wheeling around the sky which was quite a sight as there were thousands of them. They made quite a spectacular display. We also saw a Great Crested Grebe and, briefly, a Marsh Harrier.

When we were nearly at the end of our walk I took one more picture.

The sun was very low now, being only just above the horizon, so I photographed the brush-like heads of these rushes which were lit by the sun.

We did make it back to the other car and went off to collect our previous car then went home. A rather nice day.

2 thoughts on “A rather fowl walk

  1. What a lovely walk. Sounds like a birder’s paradise.

    I am jealous, just seeing color (since white is a non color to me :censored: ) makes me cry.


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