The weather today was mostly cloudy with the occasional flash of sun coupled with a very strong wind – not a gale but strong enough.

I drove to Maldon, Essex, parked in a car park next to the canal, and walked along the path by the River Chelmer and took two pictures during an all too brief sunny spell.

Maldon and the River Chelmer
On the picture above you should be able to see some boats moored on the far side of the bridge. They can’t get any higher up the river as the masts won’t go under the bridge. Possibly also a picture for the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Maldon and the River Chelmer

Then I went back via a village called Wickham Bishops to have a look in Sparkey Wood. Amanda, my wife, had seen lots of bluebells there last year and I was hoping to take some photographs this year but I was out of luck. I was obviously too late as the bluebells had gone to seed. Oh well try again next year.

I did see a large Wood Ants nest positively seething with ants. Amanda had already warned me that if I stood still for any length of time I would probably find that they were crawling up my legs – and they bite! So I didn’t stop for long.