One problem, I've discovered, with having a web site which includes photographs is that the less honest among us take photographs from the web site and use them for their own purposes without permission. smilies

Last year I caught the Daily Mail, a British daily paper, using a photograph from my web site, for an article without even crediting the photograph with my name. We did, however, sort that out amicably.

Then I find the BBC web site has done the same and again that was sorted amicably and the picture now has my name underneath.

I discovered another of my pictures on a Travel web site being passed off by someone else as their own and complained to the site which then removed the picture.

I have just discovered that the same person, on the same travel web site, is passing off another of my pictures as their own. This time they appear to have altered two small parts of the picture with image manipulation software in a rather crude manner in an attempt to disguise it. They failed! I still recognised it as mine.

They also included another picture, not one of mine, also crudely changed in an attempt to disguise it which they also had taken off the internet. I traced the original and informed the copyright holders.

I have no doubt that there are others which I have not yet discovered but, never fear, Sherlock is on the trail. smilies