1,2,3,4,5 – Right, that’s enough!

1,2,3,4,5 – Right, that’s enough!

We haven't been out and about this year anywhere near as much as we normally do thanks to the dreadful weather we've had this summer and I've noticed that on our recent trips I'm not as fit as I'd expect to be at this time of the year. :unhappy:
So there's nothing for it but take some exercise. Excercise? Oh no! :bawl:

Oh yes. So this morning I decided to do a 5 mile walk and Amanda even decided to join me. We drove to Tollesbury, parked the car and started on our walk around Tollesbury Wick. Wick is an old english word, sometimes spelled 'wyck', which means 'marsh'. From the centre of the village we walked across the fields to the edge of the River Blackwater at Mill Creek but  there's no mill there now even if there ever was one.

We started off along the top of the river wall with the river on our right and the wick (marsh) on our left. The tide was low so I was able to get this view with the sunlight reflected on the wet mud.

There were quite a lot of sailing boats about including, in the distance, a couple of Thames Barges under sail. They are easy to recognise because their masts tower above the other, smaller, boats.

After a few miles we reached Shinglehead Point which we have visited before. By this time we could see the red lightship at Tollesbury in the distance but we had some way to go before we reached that. However it didn't take us long before the lightship was only a short distance from us moored out in the creek.

When we passed Tollesbury Marina we noticed a lot of White Poplar trees simply because of the way the underside of their leaves show up against the blue sky. You can see why they are called White Poplar.

From there we go past the old sail lofts and back to our car.

A five mile exercise walk in about two and a half hours which is an average speed, over rough ground, of 2 miles an hour. A reasonable speed – not good, but reasonable.

I'm going to have to do that again – and again – and again. :roll:

3 thoughts on “1,2,3,4,5 – Right, that’s enough!

  1. BTW – I do 3 miles an hour

    Yes but that’s in your car. :devil:

    In any case we stopped here and there on the way. We went down on the saltmarsh at one point to look at a shell bank and I had to stop to take photographs. :cool:


  2. Excuses, excuses :devil: . I drive at 10mph

    It was an interesting walk, you do have many things to look at, so stopping is allowed.


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