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The Other End – Day 1

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You may remember that in posts in the recent past I have mentioned the 'Heart of Wales Line' which is the railway that runs through our town, Knighton, and that we have twice travelled to Shrewsbury on it. We decided that it was time to visit the other end of the line which is Swansea. The […]

A journey in reverse.


No, I don't mean that I was walking (or driving) backwards but that a walk I have done before from Tollesbury to Salcott I was going to do the other way round and there's a reason for that. Earlier today there was a jumble sale in Salcott, a village near us, which Amanda wanted to […]

Time and Tide


Friday was Amanda's birthday and it was forecast to be a nice day so we thought we'd have a short trip to Tollesbury. We walked along the sea wall until we spotted some Sea Lavender and went down onto the marshes to have a look. The salt marshes are riddled with channels which form quite […]

Another sunny day today. I don't mean by that that it was sunny yesterday (it wasn't), oh no, I mean another sunny day this year. Whenever we have a sunny day we try to make use of it so it meant another walk around Tollesbury. Although this is the same walk I did last time […]

We haven't been out and about this year anywhere near as much as we normally do thanks to the dreadful weather we've had this summer and I've noticed that on our recent trips I'm not as fit as I'd expect to be at this time of the year. So there's nothing for it but take […]

Bank Holiday

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Today, in Britain, is a Bank Holiday (Public Holiday) and we woke up to a cloudy sky. However by mid-morning the sun had started to break through and by lunch time it was a really beautiful day with blue sky and a few puffy clouds. After lunch we decided that although it was a Bank […]

Six tired legs.

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Marie and Lisa’s trip to Great Britain didn’t go according to plan. A short while before departure Lisa contracted an infection but decided she was well enough to go and they both arrived in Colchester on Wednesday 1st April as planned. On Thursday Amanda and I travelled to Colchester and all four of us walked […]