Well, I'm glad you asked me that because I can now tell you. It's the Greater Woodrush. smilies

Scrappy looking flower head init? That is not a good photograph. What it really needed was for the flower head to be sunlit but the background to be in deep shade. That would have shown it up nicely but not something I could arrange. smilies It is a woodland plant, often an indicator of ancient woodland, and not common in Essex. So  where was it?

That's in Danbury near Chelmsford. Have you noticed the white flowers beyond the sign? There were a lot more of them.

They are Wood Anemones so that must be good mustn't it? Well no it wasn't. We had gone to Blakes Wood to look at the Bluebells but because of our recent dreadful cold weather, lasting well into Spring, all the plants, including trees, are well behind. Wood Anemones should be over by now but they appear to be at about their best and Bluebells should be in their prime but all we could see were some leaves. Looks as though we'll have to back in a couple of weeks. On this visit, however, we did hear a Nightingale as soon as we stepped out of the car. That was nice!

That is not to say that there weren't some picturesque views to be had.

Those trees in the last picture should be showing an obvious green haze formed by the appearance of new leaves but there's nothing.

Spring is late this year. smilies