When we were last in Hunstanton I wasn't able to get a photograph of the striped cliffs in sunlight because of the position of the sun. Hunstantons position on the corner of The Wash means that the cliffs actually face west across the water so to get a picture of the cliffs in sunlight it needs to be done somewhere around 6:00 PM.

It also needs a lowish tide so that I can walk along the beach. The weather and tides are, therefore, the limiting factors.

I'm doing this on my own so I don't want to drive and I want to keep expenses as low as possible. I have an old persons bus pass, mainly because I'm an old person (77 earlier this month), which means I have free use of local buses, i.e. not long distance coaches. That means I would have to make the journey in sections. Starting with Tiptree – Colchester then Colchester – Sudbury, Sudbury – Bury St. Edmunds, Bury St. Edmunds – Thetford, Thetford – King's Lynn and finally King's Lynn – Hunstanton. A total journey time of five and a half hours. Each of those sections means a change of bus and, more importantly, a connection to the next bus.

Another added complication is that I'm going to have to stay overnight. I was going to stay in Hunstanton but to be able to get back to Tiptree before the last bus goes I would have to leave Hunstanton before 9:30 AM but my bus pass can't be used before 9:30 AM so that's out. So I'll have to stay overnight in King's Lynn instead which which means that I can get a bus after 9:30 AM and still get home. When I arrive in King's Lynn I could leave my overnight bag at the B&B then catch the bus to Hunstanton, take the photographs, returning to King's Lynn directly afterwards.

The link between Thetford and King's Lynn could be a problem because there are only two buses a day; one in the morning (too early to get there in time) and one in the afternoon at 3:00 PM. If I can't get the later bus for any reason, my previous bus is late or my intended bus is cancelled, then I'd have to turn round and go back. Not too much of a problem you might think because I don't have to pay any bus fares but I probably should book accommodation before I leave home especially at this time of year. If I can't get there then I'll forfeit one night's accommodation costs.

I'm hoping to take some photographs along the route in each place that I change buses and perhaps some through the bus windows.

The journey back the next day is similar but not exactly the same. Instead of one journey from King's Lynn to Thetford I have to go from King's Lynn to Watton first then from Watton to Thetford. One extra section.

Is it just a silly idea or is it an adventure? Should I try it? smilies smilies smilies