Today was a sunny day although the temperature this morning, early, was below freezing but we couldn't miss this chance to have our first walk since we moved in. We have, until now, done nothing but unpacking and settling in so this will make a change.

It wasn't far to the start of the walk, namely our front door and so we set off uphill. It was quite steep and we gained height quickly and I took my first photograph before we had even left the town. We were heading west to walk around Garth Hill and this view was of Knighton from the very western edge of Knighton.

Garth Hill is just over 1100 feet high but we weren't intending to go to the top but to go around it's flanks. The first part of the walk was along Glyndwr's Way which is well signposted and we were now heading north-west along the Teme Valley ( on our right) and on the other side of the valley is Panpunton Hill.


We soon entered the wooded part of the hill and, as you can see in the next photograph we were still climbing occasionally. This view is looking back along the path and the slope shown on the left is as steep as it looks. You wouldn't want to fall down there.

On the way through the wood we spotted some wild flowering currant which was rather pretty and colourful.

We were about halfway into the walk now and the sound of sheep bleating was quite common. There are a lot of sheep round here.

The total walk was only 3 miles and when we arrived at the 2 mile mark we saw this Blackthorn blossom and there was quite a lot of it. Very pretty.

A little further on we saw this little bracket fungus on a fallen tree.

Having walked full circle we finally joined the path that we had started out on and descended into the Cwm in Knighton – very near home now.

That was an enjoyable little walk and we were back in time for lunch.