It's now early March and we haven't done any 'walking' this year yet. That doesn't include any usual walking like going to the shops and the walking about one does during normal activites. It was sunny this morning but it is forecast to rain heavily this afternoon so the time for a walk is now!

This is mainly for exercise and follows a 2 mile route we have already used for exercise and takes about 30 – 40 minutes. We leave home, head for the railway station where we cross both the river and the Welsh/English border, walk along below Panpunton Hill, turn left when we reach the Offa'sDyke path, cross the railway and the river arriving at this spot.

You should be able to see three things. The town in the distance, the rather mucky foreground and the cloud building up already. Continuing onward we soon arrive at a point just below the Offa's Dyke Centre.

The English/Welsh border is halfway across the footbridge and is shown by a yellow stripe with a yellow footprint either side (which you can see more easily in the larger picture)  for those people who may want to stand with one foot in England and one foot in Wales. I think that about half this walk is in England with the other half being in Wales. An international walk. cheeky

Back into Wales we go up from river level to the Offa's Dyke Centre, down into the town centre and then off to home. I think that's enough walking for this year so see you next year. devil