Keep time

Keep time

Now is the time and this is the Keep.

Built in the early 14th century Hopton Castle is about 10 miles from home so, as it seemed like a spring day, we decided to venture out. There is not a lot to see but it is accessable to the public and free to enter and free to park. The main entrance can be seen on the shady side and one can go inside although it is not possible to go beyond the ground floor.

Amanda was pretty keen to get inside and there she is on her way in and by the time I got there she seemed to be on her way out. But, no, she was just coming over to greet me.

It has been suggested that this was not a genuine defendable castle but more of a stately home built by someone who was anxious to show off their wealth. If that really was the case would they go as far as constructing earthworks around the castle as large as this that they would not expect to use? That would need a lot of work and money.

A short but interesting and pleasant visit.


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